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Release 24th of May: Tida står stille

The artist Cliff from Northern Norway is back with new and catchy music. With "Tida står stile" (Time stands still), he confirms again his talent both as songwriter, musician and artist.

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Pirate jazz from Northern-Norway! DripP released "Pirate Bay" in November, to great reviews. Throughout the last five years, DripP has been one of the hardest working young bands from Tromsø.

They have never had respect for genres, and are often juggling with several at the same time. Elements from indie rock, nu-jazz, r&b, free impro and nordic jazz are combined to one of the most original expressions that has come out of Northern Norway the last few years.

They have been playing and touring continuously since 2006, and have visited Germany, France, Sweden, Russia and Norway, with very good receptions.

At the very end of 2010 DripP gave us an exceptionally strong and rough release, the album "Pirate Bay". This is an album that challenges at the borderlines of jazz, with original compositions in a solid band sound. The album brings the listener on a wonderful voyage through the universe of DripP, a universe that contains everything from beautiful soundscapes, heavy grooves, indie rock with distorted saxophone and drones, to lyrical improvisation. The compositions are mainly by the guitarist Jardar Alexander Westvik, in arrangements by the band. The album is released on their own label - Finito Bacalao Records - in a distribution through Musikkoperatørene.

"In the last set of the evening, with the young Norwegians in DripP, I was attentive. When it says in the program that "They will also challenge our traditional views on what jazz is. No rules are so are so holy that they can't be broken", I sensed young ignorance. […] But these 20-year olds combined new and old on a solid jazz base: Meditative and swinging at the same time; soca sound and the well prooved and delightful jazz combination of tenor saxophone and guitar." Kuriren - Sweden

"That these guys can treat their instruments is obvious after the first four bars, but that they can make good compositions is obvious after two tunes." 5/6, Avisa Nordlys - Norway

"....In total silence a horrible soundscape has appeared, exact in its impact and pictorialism: against the background of aggressive and wild instrumental accompaniment, like monotonous cry of a child worn-out by pain, a helpless and touching lullaby theme was heard...." Pravda Severa/Arkhangelsk Press - Russia

"DripP!s jazz is just so physical, energic and joyful. The fact that it also experiments freely with anything available is not for the worse...This is a band to keep an eye on in the future..." Norrländska Socialdemokraten - Sweden

"All in all, it was little room for boredom, earache or discomfort while meeting Ola and the gang this evening. I'm already looking forward to their next concert." 5/6, Tromsoby.no - Norway
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