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Release 24th of May: Tida står stille

The artist Cliff from Northern Norway is back with new and catchy music. With "Tida står stile" (Time stands still), he confirms again his talent both as songwriter, musician and artist.

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Shimmering and melancholic Norwegian superpop, written by Heidi Solheim, produced by Andreas Mjøs and released on Finito Bacalao Records - Tromsø.

With her debut album "Found", the blues artist Heidi Solheim now takes a major leap into the world of pop. Well known front woman in the popular band Pristine, Heidi Solheim has been hailed by critics all over Norway and is considered to be one of the most promising Norwegian artists at the moment.

Heidi is mostly known as the raw and energetic front woman of the popular blues-rock band Pristine, but her first solo album "Found" is far from the world of blues. With soulful, driving and melancholic music, we meet a mature singer with a great sense of musicality and originality. Inspired by the cold, arctic winds of Northern Norway, she was bound to write warm music from an early age. This is clearly heard on this well composed album.

The renowned producer Andreas Mjøs gives this album an unmistakeable touch, making this release a unique and beautiful experience. The release is followed by a tour in Norway starting on the 3rd of March in Tromsø.

"Lady with the right to raise her voice" - Øyvind Rønning, Dagbladet
"Heidi Solheim has got that extra touch" - Svein Andersen, Aftenposten
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