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Release 24th of May: Tida står stille

The artist Cliff from Northern Norway is back with new and catchy music. With "Tida står stile" (Time stands still), he confirms again his talent both as songwriter, musician and artist.

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Release 5th of April: Nuit Speaks

Sex Magick Wizards equals brute energy, following the paths of John Coltrane, with a blend of the 70's raw and manyfold rock aesthetics. Nuit Speaks is their first single.

The music is composed by the charismatic band leader Viktor Bomstad, and is brilliantly performed with the wildness and spontaneity of the band members. Imagine the sound of Ornette Coleman, Jimi Hendrix and Black Sabbath, gathered for a dark, magic ceremony of a highly sexual character.

Sex Magick Wizards consists of Henrik Sandstad Dalen on double bass, Sigrid Aftret on saxophone, Axel Skalstad on drums and Viktor Bomstad on guitar. These are some of our most fiery, young musicians for the moment, so hang on to your hat, and blow the dust of your pentagram! Love is the law.
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