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Release 24th of May: Tida står stille

The artist Cliff from Northern Norway is back with new and catchy music. With "Tida står stile" (Time stands still), he confirms again his talent both as songwriter, musician and artist.

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Release 15th of March: Little can we do about the rain

«Little Can We Do About the Rain» is the first single to be released from the upcoming album of Marie Vangen from Tromsø, Norway. Sincerity, natural elegance and absolute presence are essential characteristics of this very interesting singer and composer.

Marie’s warm and melodic pop landscape is a varied one, built up around her vivid and true to life lyrics. Genuine storytelling, natural confidence and a considerable amount of charm make Marie an impressively captivating live artist who really touches her audience.

In this song Marie expresses her personal version of the wisdom of her 94 year old gran. «You know, we have no choice but to take whatever life throws at us», gran often says. So simple, yet so precise she sums up the essence of her life experience. And it’s so true, isn’t it? There’s just no logic, no quick fix or clear answers when sickness or grief strikes.

The fresh and dreamy musical wrapping of this song gives sharp contrast to the deeper meaning of the lyric, and makes it a real piece of meaningful, catchy pop from the arctic North.
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