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Release 13th of Oct: Urolig Samba

The band Marit Sandvik & Nova Onda has embraced the Brazilian music and MPB-tradition. Based in the very north of Norway, the six musicians have made their own blend.

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After having worked with some of the biggest artists in Norway through the last twelve years, the trumpet player Ole Jørn Myklebust finally releases his second solo album - "Jorba".

The renowned trumpet player Ole Jørn Myklebust is finally back with a new solo album! Most people know him as the close collaborator of Mari Boine through the last eight years, both as musician, composer and producer. Now he presents himself with a beautiful jazz recording well founded in the Scandinavian and European jazz tradition.

Myklebust’s new album "Jorba" is a somewhat minimalistic recording, whereas the title itself means "circle" in the indigenous Sami language. This is also the key word of this album, as he is drawing a circle from his musical roots, via the various phases of his musical career, and finally returning to his roots playing acoustic jazz music, but now in a completely different musical language. The album has an emphasis on strong melodies and expressive tonal landscapes. Having worked with large studio productions for a long time, he wanted to record an album that is a true footprint of who he is as a musician and composer today, with a small ensemble recorded live in studio.

The album features five of Myklebust's compositions from various stages of his career, as well as the famous "Concierto de Aranjuez" by Joaquín Rodrigo dated 1939. The opening track was originally composed for the opening concert at the Riddu Riddu festival 2013, featuring the indigenous singer Namgar Lhasaranova from Buryatia.
Joining Myklebust on this record is Andreas Ulvo (grand piano) and Sigurd Hole (double bass) from the critically acclaimed Eple Trio.

"Jorba" was recorded during two days in Parachute Studio in Oslo. The three musicians have also been acclaimed by critics all over Norway for their contribution to the theatrical play "Driving Miles", a drama that was sold out during two whole weeks at the International Jazz Festival in Molde.

Do not miss out on the opportunity to experience this unique album!
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